Recommended Tires


Performance all Season TiresA car owner will purchase new tires a few times over the lifespan of their vehicle. Here at Bengston Tire and Service, we are often asked what are some of our recommendations when it comes to tires. There is no one size fits them all tire when dealing with tires so we have broken them down into three of our top inquiries and suggestions below. This should be helpful when you are considering your next purchase. 
 If you are looking for more information on tires Consumer Reports is your best research. 

All Season - Rain and Snow
Here at Bengtson Tire and Service we have discovered both through consumer reporting and our own experience that the best brands available as a go-to for all season are 
High Mileage Tires
When it comes to Mileage and lasting power nothing outperforms our Michelin Tires. This is a quality product that Bengston tires and Service will stand behind to take you down the road for many miles to come. 

Best Value
When the value is the most important factor but the tire still needs to perform, our Technicians can always recommend these two brands, they deliver the most value for the least cost.
Nexen Tire
Falken Tire